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" Morning News Anchor, Award-winning Journalist, Wife and Mother to Four, Shally Zomorodi now adds author to her list of accomplishments. Shally often uses her platform in the media, both on-air and on social media, to share her life's experiences and challenges. Being bullied in school and even as an adult today, Shally wanted to bring pieces of her story to families and children in hopes it will remind them to find their light and shine it bright."

Myla is a the story of a young girl who struggled fitting in and found herself often being teased because of the way she looked. Being called names and bullied through most of her schooling years would make Myla feel quite alone and left out. Myla's Mother often comforted her telling her it's OK to be sad but reminded her that just like everyone we are on our own journey to spread our wings and fly. After many years Myla's confidence grew and once day she realized her Mother's advice to be true. Caterpillars, as beautiful as they are, will turn into a Butterfly. She learns with love, kindness, hard work and dedication you will find your wings to fly.
'Myla Caterpillars Become Butterflies' is a perfect read for children struggling with bullying or even an adult who may have experienced the same.

Shyla, Shally's daughter and also an inspiration for the main character Myla, absolutely loves dolls and considers them to be her friends. As a gift to her and other little kids Shally also brought the character Myla to life as a doll that can be ordered with this book.


Back Ordered - Ships in November

Back Ordered - Ships in November